Steffi Schott pushes the encaustic medium to its limits exploring the
material & its use in a wide range of styles from academic mannerist
to abstract. Her new work is always a pleasant surprise. Her has
developed a new way of Working that is " their ".

Jon Rader Jarvis
has Bachelor's degrees in Painting and Printmaking and a Master's
Degree in Painting, all from University of Washington.

Steffi Schott has a deep and personal understanding of light 
and space, of form and shape, of mood and landscape,
and combines this with a dark but playful imagination 
and nuanced sense of humor. 
This combination results in paintings that immediately engage 
the viewer yet leave them with the sense of mystery, that there is a layered 
and varied landscape of history underneath, that we may only guess at. 
The combination of child-like, 
storybook compositions with a technical mastery and a steady confidence
of the hand is endlessly intriguing and inspiring.

I studied painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 
I am an encaustic painter myself, 
and have taught the technique to many others through workshops and lectures. 
I have a familiarity with much of the work in encaustic that happens 
in the United States, as the community is relatively small. 
When I can upon the work of Steffi Schott, I was made aware of a much more involved, obsessive, intense way of using the media of encaustic, of storytelling, 
of play, and of light.
Has studied painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design.